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DGL is a system integrator having a vast experience in managing large scale enterprise and Govt. sector solutions. We have diverse experience in delivering and supporting power. By virtue of our presence in Lahore and Islamabad we are capable of managing projects and services nationwide. We are experts in system design and differentiate our products and services over quality and after sales service.

We partner with the best vendors & SI companies of the world power projects. Procurement and supply chain is at the heart of our service delivery being an integral component of our project management methodology. The solar solution components have varied nature of supply chain in terms of type of items and origin of manufacturing. Over the recent years we have qualified and quality assured our products with emphasis on products’ quality & the third level support from the suppliers. We have differentiated few of solution components’ supply chain on price without comprising the quality for providing multiple options for our customers in a customized approach.

Our organization constitutes of three verticals namely commercial, technology and operations. We conceive the products in our commercial division and technical department translates the commercial KPI’s of a product into technical KPI’s and ensures the best fit of technology to respond in terms of product performance. The procurement in commercial division ensures the appropriate selection of the solution components with support of the technical division on strategic supply chain management guidelines. We believe and practice quality and our product selection and vendor management strategic guidelines ensure that we get affordable products without compromising quality.

Our operations’ division is responsible to manage the projects, to deliver the service and to provide after sale support based on best industry practices. The program / management, services delivery / support and quality assurance methodologies will be given in adequate detail in next sections.

As engineering company, we have engineering personnel both at management and operational level. We invest in human resource development as a company policy thereby we have created excellence in all verticals of our organization from product conception to delivery and in after sale support to our valued customers.