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Welcome to Dynamic Green

Dynamic group of companies is a leading player in Pakistan for providing industrial & commercial solutions in the domains of complete plant EPC, industrial compressors & pumps, civil works and food industry. Dynamic Green (Pvt.) Limited is the latest initiative of the group to serve the most challenging issue of Pakistan i.e. energy crisis whereby production industry, commercial sector and households are facing energy inefficiencies and shortfalls. DGL is targeting to serve the market needs using energy efficient and environment friendly means of energy productions with initial focus on photovoltaic & concentrated solar power and later adding wind, bio energy and other alternate energy technologies in its portfolio.

DGL is keenly pursuing the strategic long-term partnerships with the leading manufacturers of solar panels, batteries, mountings / accessories and invertors to serve its customers with the premium quality & affordable solutions as a first milestone of its operations. DGL believes in managing the business through leading technologies and customer centric solutions with its team of seasoned professionals. DGL has engineered state of art and affordable solutions for all verticals of the corporate market namely: Enterprise, Government, Communities and Industrial sectors.